Set up Holiday Hours

You can set up holiday hours to automatically populate on timesheets.

Go to Setup | Timesheet Preferences

Under Time Off section, click on Setup Holidays

  1. Set up holidays by country, if you operate in only one country select All
  2. Enter the holiday date, holiday name, and an optional message to display on that holiday, check the Allow update checkbox if user is allowed to change the holiday hours
  3. Click on Add to add the holiday to the list
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 to add more holidays




Once you enter all the holiday hours for the year, click on Create Holiday to add these holidays to employee's timesheet.

  1. Select the time off item to use for Holiday Hours
  2. Select the date from which to apply these holiday hours
  3. Click on Proceed to generate the holiday entries in the timesheet.




Contact support if you need to enter different holiday hours for employees.


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