Step 2: Set up Customer:Projects

If your account is connected to QuickBooks, your Customer:Projects* should already be available in this list. Click here to learn more about connecting your account to QuickBooks.

*Customer/Project lexicon may have changed if it was renamed in Step - 1: Basic Set up


1. Add Customer

  1. Go to customer list
  2. Click on +Add
  3. Enter Customer/Project name
  4. Click on Save & Close or Save & New



2. Decide who can work on this Customer/Project

When you add a new customer/project, it is open to all users for time entry. If you need to restrict access to this customer/project:

  1. Select customer from list
  2. Go to Team tab
  3. Click on the delete icon

To learn more about assigning employees to work on customer/project click here



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