Introduction to Expenses

The expense module lets you enter and submit expenses using a mobile device. The app is integrated/synced with the web site ( and uses the same credentials to login.

If you are new to TimeRewards is it important to understand the following terms:

  1. Expense Item: Individual expense that you need to track, like Airfare, Meals, etc
  2. Expense Report: An expense report has one or more expense items grouped together for a purpose, example: Trip to NYC, Nov 2019 expenses, etc.
  3. Expenses not filed: List of expense items not linked to any Expense Report. You can create expense items with 'File Later' option, these expense items then appear in the Expenses not filed list, from where you can open the expense and allocate it to a expense report when you are ready
  4. Submit Expense: When you create an expense it is not sent for approval till you Submit the expense report. Once you Submit a report, it can no longer be edited.
  5. Expense Status: Status of the expense report
    • Open: Expense reports not submitted for approval
    • Submitted: Expense reports submitted for approval
    • Rejected: Expenses rejected by approver that you can fix and re-submit


How to Add  Expenses

To Add an Expense click on the  AddExpenseIcon.png icon





 How to Submit Expenses

When you are ready to Submit your expense for approval

  1. From the Expense Reports list, click on expense report you want to submit
  2. Click on the SUBMIT REPORT button
  3. Your expenses will be submitted for approval and reimbursement.





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