How do I setup single sign on with BambooHR?

With Single sign on (SSO) your employees will be able to login to TimeRewards using a link in BambooHR without entering their TimeRewards user id/password. To setup SSO with BambooHR, you need to login to BambooHR with admin rights.

1. Navigate to BambooHR Dashboard or Home screen

2. Find the “Links” widget and click on “+Add”


3. If desired, create a new link category called “Single Sign-On Links” or something similar

4. Click on “+Add Link” under the newly created link category (if applicable)

5. Add text for the “Link Title” and copy and paste the following Login URL in the URL box

where xxxxxxx is your BambooHR subDomain



6. Click save

7. Go back to the “Dashboard” or “Home” and test the Single Sign-On link by clicking on the newly created link in your Links widget


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