QuickBooks Error: This employee is set to have activities transferred to paychecks. Activities for this employee must have a payroll item.

If you do not use QuickBooks for Payroll:

  1. Go to QuickBooks | Employee Tab | Employee Center | Select the employee and go to Edit Employee screen
  2. You will see Change Tabs - Select "Payroll and Compensation Info". There you would see the option "Use time data to create paychecks"
  3. Uncheck this option and hit "Ok"
  4. Go back to TimeRewards and download this transaction again

If you use QuickBooks for Payroll, then you need to map payroll items in TimeRewards. To map payroll items:

  1. In TimeRewards, click on QuickBooks in the sidebar
  2. Click on Map Payroll Items
  3. Click on Edit Settings
  4. Here you have two ways to set payroll items so that they are mapped correctly when the timesheet and Time Off transactions are sent to QuickBooks.
    • Option A: Let's you map timesheet transaction based on Employee Type, Service Item, or Project.
    • Option B: Let's you map timesheet for individual employees.

Select the option that best meets your requirement.



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