How do I create a trial account on TimeRewards?

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your email ID in the "Enter a valid email address" box and click on "Start your free 15-day trial".
  3. You will get a wizard with a few simple steps to help you setup your account. You can:
    • enter your company details
    • create a password for your account
    • choose a color theme for your account
    • customize the terminologies to match your company lingo
  4. We recommend that you watch the "Getting Started with TimeRewards" video to help you learn the basics.
  5. Our trial account comes with pre-loaded demo data. You can view and use this data to explore TimeRewards. If you want to remove the demo data, click on Remove Sample Data in the Guide.

The trial is available for 15 days. You get instant access to all TimeRewards features during the trial.

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