What is Ron Baker's timesheet kill switch?

When you turn on the Kill Switch, all references and links to timesheets are removed. TimeRewards will become a project management system and not a timekeeping system, you will notice the following changes:

1. My Time tab – will become My Work. The day, week, and calendar view of timesheets will not be available, only the To Do list is available.

2. Timesheet tab – will become the Work tab. You will use this tab to keep a tab on project milestones, and not hours.

3. In Customer | Billing Tab – you will no longer have an option to setup hourly billing rates, this will be replaced with fixed charges and change requests.

How do I turn on the Kill Switch?

In TimeRewards, go to Setup | Timesheet Preferences. At the bottom, look for the Ron Baker Timesheet Kill Switch. Check this box to turn off the timesheet functionality in TimeRewards.

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