What are the different Timesheet views available on Time Rewards?

There are four different views available. You can select the view that best meets your requirements.

  1. To Do View
  2. Day View
  3. Week View 
  4. Calendar View

To Do View - You can use this view as a simple to do list or you can add pending and future tasks with due dates and mark them complete once done or you can use this view as a project management tool.



Day View - Here you can enter a single activity at a time. It is a great view to use if you use multiple activities per day and need to enter detailed notes for each activity.



Week View - Week view lets you enter time on a weekly, bi-weekly or semi-monthly format. This setup is done by the Administrator in Setup >> Timesheet Preferences.



Calendar View - In the calendar view, you can click on any date and enter the timesheet for that date. You can see the timesheets entered for the entire month. In the calendar view, you also have options to see timesheets entered daily, weekly or monthly.


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