How to setup Billing Rates?

Billing Rate is used on the invoice to bill customer for work done.

There are four types of billing rates in TimeRewards.

  1. Service Task Rates
  2. Employee Rates
  3. Ratesheet Rates
  4. Custom Rates

SERVICE TASK RATES - Rate assigned to Service Item is called Service Task Rates. You can have different rates for every service item/task. 

  1. You can click on Lists 
  2. Click on Task
  3. Click on +Add Task or you can click on any existing task for which you want to enter Billable Rate
  4. In the Task Info, you can enter Bill Rate. This means client will be billed on this rate when this service item is sold


EMPLOYEE RATES - Here, the customer is billed as per rates associated with employees. Each employee can have different billing rates for different tasks.

  1. Click on Employees in the Sidebar
  2. Click on Employee Name to open Employee information
  3. Click on Rates
  4. Now click on +Add Bill Rate
    Now you can either select an existing Ratesheet or you can create a new Ratesheet.
  5. To create a new Ratesheet, click on Add 
  6. Enter the Ratesheet name and then click on +Add Task. You can select the task and enter the bill rate for each task
  7. Then click on Save & Close to Add New Ratesheet and click on Save & Close to Billing Rate





RATESHEET RATES - You can create Ratesheet in TimeRewards where you can mention different rates for each service item.

  1. Click on Setup under Preferences in the sidebar
  2. Click on Ratesheet List under Billing & Invoice
  3. Click on +Add Ratesheet
  4. Enter the Ratesheet Name
  5. Click on +Add Task, select the task and enter the rate
  6. Click on Save and then Save & Close to Add New Ratesheet Screen



CUSTOM RATES - Rates defined for different assignments are called as Custom Rates. If you wish to specify a rate when a particular employee is working for a particular customer for a specific task then you can use Custom Rates.

  1. Click on Customers in the Sidebar
  2. Click on customer name to see customer information
  3. Now, click on the Billing tab and then click on +Add
  4. Click on Use Custom Rates
  5. You will see the assignment done for this customer. Enter the rate in Custom Rate and click on Save & Close.



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