How to enter and edit timesheets in TimeRewards?

There are four different views available for your timesheet entry:
  1. Week View
  2. Calendar View
  3. Day View
  4. To Do View

You can select the view that best meets your personal style and preference.

Week View - this is the most common view. It looks like an excel sheet and is a great way to enter time quickly

  • you can double-click on a cell to enter additional information like billable hours and notes
  • if you enter notes regularly you can customize the timesheet to show the notes column in the grid itself
  • to delete a time entry simply click on the cell and delete the entry
  • to modify an entry you can either make changes directly on the timesheet or you can double click on the cell and make the changes in the pop-up

Calendar View - this is a great view if you booked appointments and need to check availability.

  • within this view, you can choose a month, week and day views to create an appointment
  • click on a date on the calendar then enter the details in the pop-up and hit save
  • you can click on the appointment to edit it or simply drag the appointment to change the appointment date and time.
  • to delete an appointment click on the cross button.

Day View - here, you can enter a single activity at a time. It's a great view to use if you enter multiple activities per day and need to enter detailed notes for each activity

  • to add time enter the details on the expense sheet.
  • click Save
  • to edit an activity click on the activity from the list below
  • you can make the required changes and hit save
  • if you want to delete the activity simply click on delete

To Do View - this view adds another dimension to time tracking in TimeRewards.

  • You can use it as a simple to-do list where you can add pending and future tasks with due dates and mark them complete once done or you can use it as a project management tool.
  • You can make a task public and invite other people to help you with the task.
  • You can also take tasks from the open pool of pending tasks.
You can select a view that best meets your requirements for timesheets entry.
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