Can I create a seperate Invoice for each Project or Employee?

You can setup TimeRewards to split invoices by Project and Employee. You can do this at the global level (company default), and then override it for a specific customer.

These rules are a applied when you use the single click feature to create Invoices (when invoices are created manually you can bypass these rules)

Split Invoice Criteria in Company Default

  1. Click on Setup under Preferences
  2. Click on Invoice Rules under Invoice
  3. Go to Split Invoice by and there you have 4 options
  • None - Create one invoice for each Customer
  • Project - Create separate invoice for each Projects
  • Employee - Create separate invoice for each Employee
  • Project + Employee - Create a separate invoice for each each employee working on a project


Split Invoice Criteria in Customer Setup

  1. Click on Customers, select the customer or project where you want to apply this rule
  2. Click on Invoice Pref. tab
  3. Uncheck the Use company defaults Invoice rules
  4. Select any option and it will follow the same rule as described above for Company Defaults

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